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Gussing the Fiscal Cliff's Fate Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Gussing the Fiscal Cliff's Fate - Article Example As stated by the then presidential candidates, the White House, Federal Reserve Chairman and Congress Members, the event of going over the cliff would have been destructive and irresponsible. This paper will give a brief of the guessing of the fate of the fiscal cliff. The guessing of the fiscal cliff’s fate was centered on who between the two presidential candidates would make it to the Office. Questions were rife whether the Congress would push the financial system over the economic cliff. The functionality of Washington was questioned in light of speculation that the president to be elected, and the Congress would allow taxes to shoot up and government spending to be reduced, all with the risk of a renewed recession. It will be remembered that, in August 2011, it was agreed between President Obama and the Congress that annual federal spending would be reduced by $900 billion spread over a 10 year period (Wall, 2012). That was approximately a 33 percent cut of the total fede ral budget. In a bid to accomplish more, President Obama signed into law a bill passed by the Congress that required spending cuts in all sectors from 31st December 2012. That was unless an agreement was reached on an amalgamation of tax increases and benefit cuts that would save another $1.2 trillion in 10 years. It was gambled on Wall Street that the Congress would get a way out of the quagmire after the election by making an arrears deal or calling off the whole thing. Some Democrats ironically argued that if the nation went over the fiscal cliff, it would give them a better chance to negotiate with the Republicans, come 2013. Some Republicans, too, had the same opinion. However, it was difficult at that time to differentiate between genuine convictions and bargaining rants (Wall, 2012). Those who believed that Mitt Romney would win the elections also believed that Congress would suspend the whole issue up to mid-2013 in order to allow him time to design a budget. On the other ha nd, President Obama’s supporters believed that if he won, the dynamics would depend on whether the victory was strong enough or by a trivial margin. Further, the fate would also be determined by the number of Senate seats won or lost by Republicans in the House. As presidential elections drew nearer, polls indicated that incumbent President Obama would retain his seat, and the Congress would remain much as it was. In that case, sympathetic senators and administration optimists from both parties foresaw a situation where the president would offer a new plan that would curb increases in benefits, especially Medicare, than the previous proposals. Bipartisan negotiations would also be seen, in which instant down payment, albeit small, would be availed towards reduction of the federal deficit on items that enjoyed bipartisan support. From the negotiations, instructions would be issued to appropriate congressional committees requiring them to sketch tax reform laws (Wall, 2012). Th e draft laws would be expected to raise revenue amounts decided upon and also find another amount agreed on for savings from benefit agendas within 2013 through procedures that require 51 senate votes for approval. Finally, the negotiations were expected to offer a contingency plan that both the president and Congress could live with, not like the previous one. The plan was expected to materialize from among the several bipartisan anti-deficit strategies proposed. However, all the assumption was

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Student behaviour Essay Example for Free

Student behaviour Essay (This essay is written in a detailed manner. Students can be asked to summarise it in 250 words. Common usages which can be studied are given in italics. Alternative vocabulary is given in brackets. Teachers can encourage students to pay special attention to these words.) Poor student behaviour is a major problem faced by schools across the globe especially in the western world. This is due to (this can be attributed to) certain sociological and psychological problems that are encountered, while bringing up children. Both parents and teachers should play a responsible role in tackling (handling, solving, dealing with) this problem effectively. Parents today have too many responsibilities, other than (apart from) looking after the affairs of their families, which has resulted in children getting less attention and care. Parents need to inculcate (instill) good values in young children and discipline them at an early age, or else (if not) it would result in disruptive (unruly) behaviour at home and in school. In many instances, children are left alone in the company of television sets, computer screens and toys, and consequently, (as a consequence, as a result) they fail to develop (lack) interpersonal skills and human values, which they learn by interacting with their parents and siblings. Furthermore, parents provide them with many material comforts, which can sometimes (may) make them selfish and greedy. Children who come from such family backgrounds (would) often create many problems for teachers and their schoolmates. Parents should never shy away from (shirk their responsibility of) spending quality time with their children on a regular basis, which would help them to monitor their children’s behaviour and give suitable advice whenever there is a need. Another reason for problematic behaviour among children is that teachers lack effective training in dealing with children who have various behavioural and psychological inadequacies (problems). Children, who come from broken or problematic families, in order to ventilate their frustration, often create problems in schools, which can only be tackled by trained teachers or counsellors. Many teachers become defensive and show little tact when children show such behavioural abnormalities. Erratic handling of such problems can result in (lead to) aggravating the issue. I believe that this problem can be effectively addressed if parents and teachers are trained in scientific ways of dealing with children. Schools should appoint specially trained counsellors, who can assist teachers in dealing with problematic children. As mentioned above, both parents and teachers have a crucial role to play in normalising the behaviour of children in schools. Scientific ways of handling children with troublesome behaviour can go a long way in dealing with them efficiently.

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Andrea Dworkin :: essays research papers fc

Andrea Dworkin   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Andrea Dworkin has been an influential write, speaker, and activist for over two decades. She claims to be a feminist, and that her ideas are beneficial to women. This paper will show that many of her most popular beliefs are not only detrimental to society, but also not in the best interests of women.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In letters from a war zone, Andrea Dworkin presents a collection of speeches and short articles she has composed during her career as a writer and activist. Many of her articles deal with censorship and pornography. One claim is central to all of these, pornography is an act and not an idea, thus censorship is not relevant to it.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In response to a New York Time Review of her 1981 book, Pornography: Men Possessing Women, Dworkin writes, â€Å"Pornography says the women want to be hurt, forced, and abused; pornography says women want to be raped, battered, kidnapped, maimed; pornography says women want to be humiliated, shamed, defamed, pornography says that women say no but mean yes - Yes to violence, yes to pain.† (Dworkin p 203)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In response to Dworkin's fiery rhetoric, Wendy Mcelroy writes that Dworkin has scientific backing and even cites evidence to the contrary. â€Å"In Japan, where pornography depicting violence is widely available, rape is much lower per capita than in the United States, where violence in porn is restricted.† Mcelroy attacks the belief that pornography cause violence, stating that even if a correlation is present, is does not necessarily mean there is a causal relationship. (McElroy 102)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Lynne Segal sees in inherent harm in trying to link the two together. She believes that feminists who try to do so are wasting valuable time that could be spent on other important issues. â€Å"In the end, anti-pornography campaigns, feminist or not, can only enlist today, as they have invariously enlisted before, guilt and anxiety around sex, as well as lifetimes of confusion in our personal experiences of sexual arousal and activity.† â€Å"In contrast, campaigns which get to the heart of men's violence and sadism towards women must enlist the widest possible resources to empower socially.† (Gibson 19)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Another argument of Dworkin's is that pornography should not be protected as free speech under the first amendment. It is her contention that protecting what pornographers say, is protecting what pornography does. Pornography is more than words. They are acts against women. â€Å"Pornography happens to women.† As a result, bans on such material are warranted, not only because it is harmfully and discriminatory to women, but also because there are no civil liberties that are violated in preventing an act.

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Moral Consequences

At this late date, virtually every American knows the most widely broadcast fallout from the Enron scandal- the collapse of a mega-corporation, jail sentences for many of key players in the scandal, and the realization that no company is invincible, especially given the fact that its very caretakers were in fact its killers.   Beyond this, however, there are moral consequences for American society overall, knowing now that highly paid executives stole the retirement futures of those who worked so hard to build up the company of Enron. Because of Enron, we now are faced with the fact that this was not just a business issue, but a human one as well.   Of course, financial ruin is horrible, but money can be replaced.   What cannot be replaced in many cases are the shattered lives that became that way when Enron fell apart.   For example, churches in the Houston, Texas area- the headquarters of Enron- were flooded with the â€Å"ordinary people† who worked at Enron, and who were then without jobs and their life savings.   For these people, many felt that the only answer to their problems was to end it all with suicide, and with nowhere else to turn, went to the churches for support (The Christian Century, 2002). On a higher level, American society has to face the fact that when money and power are involved, even those whom we think we can trust cannot totally be trusted.   Morally, America has fallen into a dark area where those who can steal from others for some short-term gain will usually do so. In closing, the moral consequence for America, in light of Enron, is a further loss of innocence. Bibliography Houston Church Deals with Layoffs at Enron. (2002, January 30). The Christian Century, 119, 15.

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Stem Cell Research And The Arguments For And Against Its...

Legalman Accession Class 15010 Millican, Nikki K. SN 30 April 2015 [STEM CELL RESEARCH: AN UNDERSTANDING OF CONTRAVERSY] The meaning of stem cell research, and the arguments for and against its development Nikki Millican Chief Kamman Legalman Accession 15010 29 April 2015 Stem Cell Research: An Understanding of Controversy Stem cells make up every organ and tissue that reside inside the human body. These cells help to regenerate and replace defective tissues and cells that are injured and destroyed within our body everyday. Former President, George W. Bush, felt so strongly opposed to the development of this research that he cast the first veto of his presidency when Congress tried to broaden the scope of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007. In this veto he stated that, â€Å"This bill crosses a moral line that I and others find troubling.† (1) The executive order specifically stated that pluripotent stem cell research can be conducted as long as it is without violating human dignity or demeaning human life. (2) It successfully stalled the growth of stem cell research since the main focus of this research is the development and destruction of embryonic stem cells. The argument on the benefits of embryonic stem cell research has long been argued. Whether or not the benefits are a justification for the act of destroying these cells, and also is a, typically, five to six day old embryo at a stage where it can be considered a being with a life source allShow MoreRelatedControversy Surrounding Research And Therapeutic Use Of Stem Cell Technology831 Words   |  4 Pages Controversy surrounding research and therapeutic use of stem cells has been a contentious and socially polarizing matter for a few decades. Arguments lie largely between the scientific community and the general public, although intragroup disagreements also persist today. These disparate views for and against stem cells arise out of the bioethical implications of an inchoate innovation, the general public’s tenuous understanding of the underlying technology itself, and sociopolitical ideologiesRead More Stem Cell Research Essay1303 Words   |  6 PagesStem Cell Research In light of the continued advancement of technology and research in the medical field, there have been some groundbreaking developments that have been heralded as indications that scientific research can produce remarkable results when it is integrated with technology. Since the turn of the 20th century, major breakthroughs like the discovery of DNA and the development of anti-retroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS have been cited as the reason why scientific research especially in theRead MoreHuman Embryonic Stem Cells : The Moral Dilemma898 Words   |  4 PagesHUMAN EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS: THE MORAL DILEMMA Stem cells are unspecialized cells capable of renewing themselves through cell division, even after long periods of inactivity. Stems cells can develop into many different cell types within the body during early life and growth. Stem cells can also serve as an internal repair of sorts inside many tissues. When a stem cell divides, it has the potential to either become another type of cell with a specialized function or remain a stem cell. The abilitiesRead MoreThe Ethics Of Stem Cell Research1643 Words   |  7 PagesEthics of Stem Cell Research Science fiction has tried to encapsulate social responses that could arise with the development of genetically altered or â€Å"enhanced† human beings. Regenerative medicine, genetic cloning and life extension are all terms that sound like they came out of a fantastic film or novel, though they are in fact subjects of great research and heated debates. Embryonic stem cells are arguably the quintessential building block of life itself. They’re â€Å"undifferentiated cells producedRead MoreEmbryonic Stem Cells In Scientific Research Essay584 Words   |  3 PagesMost cells in our bodies are specialised to do a particular job. Like white blood cells are good at fighting off invaders, but they can’t carry oxygen like red blood cells. Stem cells on the other hand have the remarkable potential to develop into many different types of cell in the body. In addition, in many tissues they serve as an initial repair system, dividing without limits to rep lenish other cells as long as the person or animal is still alive. When a stem cell divides, eachRead MoreThe Debate Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research1711 Words   |  7 PagesEmbryonic stem cell research is a hot topic of debate in our modern age, as scientific development continues to push the boundaries of ethics. The debates lies in whether or not it is helping or hindering society, as the procedure involves the manipulation of a human embryo. Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) are derived from a week old human embryo (blastocyst), often developed from unused in vitro fertilised eggs. They are pluripotent, meaning they are capable of undergoing directed differentiation andRead MoreEmbryo Based Stem Cell Research1171 Words   |  5 PagesEmbryo-based stem cell research The controversy concerning the ethical dilemma related to stem cell research rages on. One particular basis of this controversy emanates from the fact that embryonic stem cells research derives its stem cells from destroyed embryos. Stem cells are cells that are yet to be specialized into specific tissue that serves specific function in the organism. Some radical scientists have labeled these cells the building blocks of future medical and biotechnical research becauseRead MoreThe Ethics Of Embryonic Stem Cells1201 Words   |  5 Pages Problem The society is not at an agreeable point when it comes to the research of stem cells obtained from human embryos. The disagreement narrows down to a clash between the two fundamental principles of ethics: The duty to prevent and alleviate suffering, and the duty to respect the value of human life. In most situations, both principles can be satisfied. However, in the research of embryonic stem cells, it might not be inherently possible. Generally, the clash between the two principles isRead MoreEssay on The Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research928 Words   |  4 Pagesreport aims to investigate the different views held on the pros and cons of development in stem cell research. This report will provide background to the debate, its social significance, parties that are involved and analysis of the arguments related to the topic researched. 2.0 The Issue and background to the debate Those who favour stem cell research are optimistic about the continued developments in stem cell research will open doors to many breakthrough discoveries in biomedical science. TheRead MoreStem Cell Research : The Future Of Medicine Or Is It Too Immoral956 Words   |  4 PagesStem Cell Research, Will it be the Future of Medicine or is it too Immoral Ryan Cann Mission College â€Æ' For quite some time now there has been a debate on stem cell research and whether or not the medical applications outweigh the unethical means of retrieving them. There is no easy answer to this question but it is the hope of this paper to make this murky concept a bit clearer. Literature Review To make this subject a bit more clear there are a few things that need to be covered first. According

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Group Work With Lgbtq Adolescents - 1703 Words

Group Work with LGBTQ Adolescents Group work is an effective method of therapy in which a social worker leads a group of individuals who have a common purpose. Group work is used for many populations, and there are constantly new models of group work that are developed for certain underserved populations. One of those populations is the LGBTQ community, specifically, LGBTQ adolescents. This essay will cover new models that can be implemented to lead groups with LGBTQ group members. The purpose of the models is to promote resiliency and to be used as interventions for those who have trouble coping with stress. There will also be discussion about the benefits for facilitators and members who participate in groups, and how effective these groups are for LGBTQ adolescents. It is important to care about the LGBTQ community because they are more alienated than other minority groups. Someone who is part of a racial or gender minority has friends or family that identify with the same status ; LGBTQ do not always have someone who identifies with them, making them more vulnerable than most other minorities. Working with Multiethnic LGBTQ Youth LGBTQ adolescents, also called sexual minority youth, have a higher risk of developing mental and emotional problems than heterosexual youth, and also face more bullying, harassment, and victimization due to homophobia (Craig, Austin, McInroy, 2014). In order to address their needs, the researchers used group therapy that was based onShow MoreRelatedEssay on LGBTQ Youth: The Endless Strife1362 Words   |  6 PagesRudy Estrada and Rob Woronoff wrote of the following statement made by an adolescent during the 2002 Regional Listening Forum for LGBTQ youth: I realized that being gay is not my problem. It’s their problem. I see it as a social disease. I try not to get involved in negative communities. But I do try to teach them. I’d rather teach them than ignore them. Otherwise, the ignorance will continue and nothing will ever be done about it. (380) Ignorance is the root of nearly all tribulations surroundingRead MoreLiterature Review On Adolescent Identity Development1141 Words   |  5 PagesAdolescent Identity Development: Suggestion for a LGBTQ Identity Model Introduction The purpose of this literature review is to provide an in depth evaluation of the research on adolescent identity development. Specifically, to examine the limitations and gaps in the literature for LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, and Queer) adolescent populations. There are many limitations to using traditional adolescent identity models for LGBTQ youth (Bilodeau Renn, 2005; Talburt, 2004). It is my hopeRead MoreThe Right For Same Sex Couples1161 Words   |  5 Pagesthe laws admit their rights, some people still have some negative thought about LGBTQ. Our group chooses this topic and this course of action because we want to inform the class and the community the hardships of those in the LGBTQ community and their â€Å"coming out† stories. We hope to inspire others who are â€Å"in the closet† to not be afraid of who they are and inspire society to respect the choices and actions of the LGBTQ. Though we are all different in shape, skin color, personality and sexuality,Read MoreHealth Promotion Is An Important Aspect Of Nursing868 Words   |  4 Pagesculture, also known as LGBTQ, has been slowly emerging and gaining more attention throughout the past century. It is essential for nurses to acquire knowledge about them to better serve their community in a culturally sensitive manner. As health promotion is an important aspect of nursing, it must be attuned carefully to each culture to be effective. According to â€Å"Caring for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual Parents and their Children† (2012), the estimated number of LGBTQ living in the UnitedRead MoreReflective Reflection Essay Examples963 Words   |  4 Pagesthere are often when critical thinking becomes necessary throughout the week during group with the LGBTQ adolescents. Working weekly, with these young people using critical thinking is especially essential because of the wide variety of problems or issues that can arise with a person who identifies as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender or questioning is experiencing or has had in the past. Therefore, social work practice within my internship demonstrates the use of critically analyzing knowledgeRead MoreDiabetes Is A Chronic Disease Essay1560 Words   |  7 Pagesbeliefs which promotes the development of risk factors for diabetes and its complications. Women have limited access to health care facilities because of illiteracy, ignorance and negative social customs like the need to be accompanied to hospital, heavy work burden as a result of which time is scarce. Being illiterate makes a woman the slave of the family; she does not have the confidence to take decisions, especially regarding health problems and treatment. Alternative therapies, wrong beliefs and poorRead MoreTeenage Suicide On The Rise Essay1521 Words   |  7 Pagesweeks following Rodemeyer experienced taunting, name calling, assault and isolation from his peers. Even his close friends refused to sit with him at lunch. Later that year, James Rodemeyer committed suicide.This case is just one of many where an adolescent feels that their is no other solution than to end their life. It is estimated that, 42% of LGBT of youth have experienced bullying, and they are two to three times more likely to attempt suicide than other teens (, 2016). Read MoreClients Rights and Counselors Responsibilities1254 Words   |  5 Pagesplague to treat an indiv idual who is from the LGBTQ community. The counseling profession attaches such importance to this principle that it is the very first ethical standard in the American Counseling Associations (ACA) Code of Ethics (2005) (pg 80) A.1a states that the primary responsibility of counselors is to respect the dignity and to promote the welfare of the clients. My view as a future Mental Health Therapist is to advocate for the LGBTQ communities. For more than 200 years, cliniciansRead MoreThe Broad World Of American Theatre1691 Words   |  7 Pagessociety,† while maneuvering around life’s complex and ephemeral nature (Dorsey 1). Historically, the theatre has been an open and welcoming arena for the LGBTQ community, offering an outlet of solace and hope while simultaneously enabling the community to showcase the hardships and oppression generations of homosexuals have faced. Nevertheless, the LGBTQ theatre has seen ongoing evolutionary changes in the themes presented through the plays ever since its birth in the early 1900s. As Alan Sinfield statedRead MoreAnti Heterosexuality And Its Effects On Society1369 Words   |  6 Pagesfamily, and colleagues, in order to avoid confronting this socially stigmatized part of their life, along with their own potential denial and self-hatred. Because of the stigmas attached to the LGBTQ community, one often feels that they have to hide this part of their life in order to maintain social and work relations, with pressure to conform to the heterosexually dominated culture. This causes internalized confusion because non-heterosexuals are told from society they are abnormal, and thus this

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Legal Memorandum on Unemployment Compensation Claim

LEGAL MEMORANDUM SUBJECT: Natalie Attired Unemployment Compensation Claim. STATEMENT OF FACTS The client, Natalie Attired, 23 years-of-age and a high school graduate attended New Mexico State University. Natalie dropped out of college after 12 months and began a job as a waitress. Most recently, Ms. Attired has been employed at Biddy Bakers restaurant. Ms. Baker conducts job reviews on her waitresses every three months. Ms. Attired is reported to have gotten a tattoo known as a full sleeve tattoo meaning that the tattoo covers Ms. Attireds upper right arm from her should to her elbow and this tattoo is only partly covered when Ms. Attired wears short-sleeved uniforms but does not show in uniforms with long sleeves. At the time of the job review for Ms. Attired, Ms. Baker instructed the client to remove the tattoo however; Ms. Attired refused to do so and was terminated on the grounds of misconduct, which resulted in her being ineligible to receive unemployment compensation benefits. Ms. Attired has consulted the firm seeking advice as to whether she has a claim under the NMESB for wrongfully withholding unemployment compensation benefits from her. ISSUES/QUESTIONS PRESENTED The issues in this case include those stated as follows: (1) Does the refusal of Ms. Attired to remove the full-sleeve tattoo result in her commission of misconduct under the New Mexico laws that govern these issues? (2) Is there any evidence that Ms. Attireds full-sleeve tattooShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Owner Of Biddy s Tea House And Crossantarie856 Words   |  4 PagesINTERNAL LEGAL MEMORANDUM STATEMENT OF FACTS: The parties in this case include Bitty Baker the owner of Biddy’s Tea House and Crossantarie. The other party is an employee Natalie Attired. The action that is bringing these parties to court is Natalie got a full-sleeve tattoo and Biddy Baker wanted her to remove the tattoo or she would be fired since the tattoo is visible with the uniform and the older clientele would be disgusted by it. Natalie Attired is seeking unemployment compensation benefitsRead MoreWhat Is Enterprise Information System Policy1704 Words   |  7 Pagesrequesting facility. Requests for medical records information by the Department of Medical Services in Virginia and other states in connection with an unemployment medical compensation application will be provided, as required by law, without the use of a release form, since this inquiry is initiated by the unemployed medical patient who has filed a claim. Patients will be notified, whenever possible, when Rusteze Medical Center is required to provide personal information by a subpoena, warrant, or otherRead MoreLabor Contractualization3560 Words   |  15 Pagescannot afford to join unions because they are at the mercy of their employers. Many laws protecting workers protect only regular employment (Herrera, 2006). On the local scene, the general public is sounding the alarm on the steady growth of both unemployment and underemployment. The concrete situation of millions of sales ladies in our department stores and giant malls, some factory workers, house helpers, carpenters, gasoline boys, workers in the barber shops and parlors, whose jobs are â€Å"permanentlyRead MoreHistorical Origin, Evolution, And Current Reality Of The Lumber Dispute Essay2032 Words   |  9 Pagesof industry representatives, the softwood lumber dispute rests largely on the arguments of stumpage fees and the amount of publically owned lands for harvestable timber for either nation. Specifically speaking, the Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports claims that both levels of Canadian government subsidize the softwood lumber industry by placing stumpage fees below the general market value. What this ultimately comes down to is the fact that ninety-five percent of their harvestable timber is owned byRead MoreChina s Currency M anipulation And World Trade2939 Words   |  12 Pagesservices. At this point elements of supply and demand are factored into the equation: in order to supply some goods and services that are being demanded countries rely on importing and exporting. To obtain these goods and services some form of compensation/ incentive is needed. Conducting trade by means of barter is not very practical in most circumstances and today’s society. So we use money. Different countries use different forms of money: the Dollar in the United States of America, the Euro inRead MoreChapter 6 Solution Manual - South Western Federal Tax 201211025 Words   |  45 PagesOrdinary and necessary requirement Reasonable compensation Business versus nonbusiness losses Reporting procedures Method of accounting: cash basis Prepayment provision for cash basis taxpayer All events and economic performance tests Reserves and economic performance test Illegal activities Domestic and foreign bribes Legal expenses I llegal activities Political contributions Political contributions and lobbying expenditures Excessive executive compensation Investigation of a business Status: PresentRead MoreThe Garment Industry of Bangladesh9128 Words   |  37 Pagessoon established its reputation in the world market within a short span of time. Resultantly garment is now one of the main export items of the country. Besides, enriching the countrys economy it has played a very important role in alleviating unemployment. At present there are more than two thousand one hundred garment factories in the country employing more than 12 lack labors. 85 percent of the labor force is women. Once Sri-Lanka was leader in this field in South Asia and India was its competitorRead MoreBusiness Law I Summary34667 Words   |  139 PagesPossession consists of two elements: physical control and the intention to exclude others. Chapter two Legal changes can be divided into two broad categories according to their causes. The first type of legal change is caused by the law responding to changes taking place in society. The second type of legal change arises from the need to keep the law in good working order. Legal change and the changing World While science and technology have been taking great leaps forward over the lastRead MoreHow to Start a Child Support Recovery Business13852 Words   |  56 Pagesjudgment recovery specialist. While this material is designed to assist you in the recovery of court awarded judgments, we do not present this material as legal advise. It must be pointed out that there may be circumstances that may prevent any monetary recovery in any judgment recovery endeavor. A few examples of these are bankruptcy, unemployment, child support and below poverty level, among others. This is what is known in the business as â€Å"Judgment Proof.† The fact that these circumstances due existRead MoreEnvironmental Impact Assessment For Trinidad And Tobago9855 Words   |  40 Pagesenvironmental sustainability. However, the companies’ commitments to green operations are not always upheld outside of the developed world. It is estimated that 17 percent of the population of Trinidad and Tobago live below the poverty line. The unemployment rate is 5 percent with the labor force divided by sector showing agriculture: 3.8%, manufacturing, mining, and quarrying: 12.8%, construction and utilities: 20.4% and services: 62.9%. Trinidad and Tobago’s shift from agriculture with sugar cane